Saturday, 27 September 2014

Food Hunting : Coklat Dezzariz

Assalamualaikum and Happy weekend  ! 

Today, me and few of my friends went for a industrial visit at Dezzariz Sdn.Bhd which located at NILAI 3. This industrial visit is to fulfill the task for subject Principal of Business Management. 

At first, all of us did a couple of research where we should conduct our industrial visit. But, it's hard to decide. Few misundertanding also happened between us, the group members. Luckily, we get back to our sense and we decided to went to a nearby place.
And yeah, thats how we end up just going to Nilai 3.

Alhamdulillah, the interview with the owner went smoothly ..i thought the interview will just take half an hour, but when i saw the recording on my phone.. opps that inteview took almost one hour. i'm not sure wether its  all of us got too much questions or the owner had too much stories. haha.  But, it's quite  fun to hear all the stories on how they begin their business  starting 2009 until now, 2014.

Since we are not a business student or from accounting background, so today we got a lot of new information and experience on business. Sometimes, i also had a thought about doing some business but yeah its just my thought. i guess i'm still building my interest.
Ohhh i still remembered ..during high school i always dreamed to open up a cafe and my best friend will open up a library. Can we just say it a cafe library, huh. 

One of the main product from Dezzariz named as LUEGO. i don't remember where the word came from but the owner said the meaning is " FUTURE "

This is something new that i found at Dezzariz. It is called  Kreppis (kerepek pisang + coklat ).
This kreppis had been awarded as second place at MAHA 2012 if i'm not mistaken and yeah the taste is great :)

You can order this for birthday, engagement or wedding event. RM 85 only.

This is also rare. Durian flavour,..oh they also have cempedak flavour.

And, finally it us with the owner..En Haniffa. We are extremedly pleased to be able to interview such a succesful person and shared his experiences to us . 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Teknologi kimia industri : THIRD YEAR .


So hello everybody ! (even i know there is no one reading my blog ). Alhamdulillah, i've already started my third year on last monday.
I thought there were not many classes that will be start on this first week sebab every sem memang camtu. But, my guess was totally  wrong !
Only two classes were cancelled. 

Anyhow, this first week  gave me a glimpse of how i will go through this third semester .Some lecturers also gave words of encouragement to boost up our spirit after a long period of holiday.
I still remebered, Dr Che Wan said ....

"Begin with the end of your mind ". Always think what do you want to be after this 4 years of study.Wohoooo, can't believe there is one more year to go before graduate.

 I think this semester will be a pretty hectic one, knowing that we alredy started to learn how to do the thesis, case studies, literature review and other else.
Even now, i'm in the middle of searching a few journals for subjet Honousr Seminar. haha. sempat lagi blogging.

But, the new schedule is quiet nice than last semester. I've a lot of free time . Plus, there is no laboratory at all. That means, we will not conduct any experiment for this whole semester. 
SO,... i started to think should i try working part-time or not.Since, i'll be going to China for GISO next year..i always think where should i get the money from.  One of my friends gave  me a few offers to work nearby USIM. But up until now, i'm still thinking about that. Hmmmmmm...should i ?

Anyway, i hope i 'll do better for this semester .In sha allah.


Sunday, 7 September 2014

SISPA : Leftenan Muda

Assalamualaikum .

This post is overdue but i feel like writing anyway since i 'll start my new semester this monday. 

I've been super busy last month with all the SISPA things. But, that was one of my happiest moment in my life. 
After 4 semester joining SISPA and finally people can call me "PUAN" . Ehem, not because i'm married or what so ever. 
Tapi sebab now I'm officially Left Muda (Pertahanan Awam) Nur Adibah Faizah , yay !

So, here are the pictures of Majlis Perhimpunan dan Pentauliahan Kor SIspa at UKM .

Sebelum bertolak ke UKM..

Majlis Makan Malam Pegawai Tauliah .

And yeah ! finally ..hari penyerahan watikah pentauliahan Leftenan Muda :D

Ughhhhh, dark and dull skin ! *facepalm*. Even sunscreen can't help in this situation .

Mandi bunga, turun temurun punya adat untuk pegawai tauliah.

Bukan senang nak sampai ke tahap ini. 
Bertukar warna kulit entah yang ke berapa kali.
Penat lelah ,sampai kami dah lali.
Akhirnya , paku kini tersemat di bahu kanan dan kiri
Tapi itu bukan modal untuk kami bangga diri.
Sebaliknya, ada tanggungjawab yang diberi.

 Alhamdulillah and thank you to all SISPARIAN.
till then, see you next year at USM ! 

p/s ; nothing  much to share because it will be "membebel " post sebab muka yang hitam tak hilang-hilang... nak tauliah punya pasal  :P 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

WW #29 : How i celebrate MERDEKA .