Saturday, 27 September 2014

Food Hunting : Coklat Dezzariz

Assalamualaikum and Happy weekend  ! 

Today, me and few of my friends went for a industrial visit at Dezzariz Sdn.Bhd which located at NILAI 3. This industrial visit is to fulfill the task for subject Principal of Business Management. 

At first, all of us did a couple of research where we should conduct our industrial visit. But, it's hard to decide. Few misundertanding also happened between us, the group members. Luckily, we get back to our sense and we decided to went to a nearby place.
And yeah, thats how we end up just going to Nilai 3.

Alhamdulillah, the interview with the owner went smoothly ..i thought the interview will just take half an hour, but when i saw the recording on my phone.. opps that inteview took almost one hour. i'm not sure wether its  all of us got too much questions or the owner had too much stories. haha.  But, it's quite  fun to hear all the stories on how they begin their business  starting 2009 until now, 2014.

Since we are not a business student or from accounting background, so today we got a lot of new information and experience on business. Sometimes, i also had a thought about doing some business but yeah its just my thought. i guess i'm still building my interest.
Ohhh i still remembered ..during high school i always dreamed to open up a cafe and my best friend will open up a library. Can we just say it a cafe library, huh. 

One of the main product from Dezzariz named as LUEGO. i don't remember where the word came from but the owner said the meaning is " FUTURE "

This is something new that i found at Dezzariz. It is called  Kreppis (kerepek pisang + coklat ).
This kreppis had been awarded as second place at MAHA 2012 if i'm not mistaken and yeah the taste is great :)

You can order this for birthday, engagement or wedding event. RM 85 only.

This is also rare. Durian flavour,..oh they also have cempedak flavour.

And, finally it us with the owner..En Haniffa. We are extremedly pleased to be able to interview such a succesful person and shared his experiences to us . 

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