Sunday, 14 September 2014

Teknologi kimia industri : THIRD YEAR .


So hello everybody ! (even i know there is no one reading my blog ). Alhamdulillah, i've already started my third year on last monday.
I thought there were not many classes that will be start on this first week sebab every sem memang camtu. But, my guess was totally  wrong !
Only two classes were cancelled. 

Anyhow, this first week  gave me a glimpse of how i will go through this third semester .Some lecturers also gave words of encouragement to boost up our spirit after a long period of holiday.
I still remebered, Dr Che Wan said ....

"Begin with the end of your mind ". Always think what do you want to be after this 4 years of study.Wohoooo, can't believe there is one more year to go before graduate.

 I think this semester will be a pretty hectic one, knowing that we alredy started to learn how to do the thesis, case studies, literature review and other else.
Even now, i'm in the middle of searching a few journals for subjet Honousr Seminar. haha. sempat lagi blogging.

But, the new schedule is quiet nice than last semester. I've a lot of free time . Plus, there is no laboratory at all. That means, we will not conduct any experiment for this whole semester. 
SO,... i started to think should i try working part-time or not.Since, i'll be going to China for GISO next year..i always think where should i get the money from.  One of my friends gave  me a few offers to work nearby USIM. But up until now, i'm still thinking about that. Hmmmmmm...should i ?

Anyway, i hope i 'll do better for this semester .In sha allah.


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Mohamad Zaim said...

ade x rujukan utk discuccion n conclusion utk exp friedel craft reactions