Thursday, 31 May 2012

Something about us #1

This is our first movie together after 7 years.puiii. gedik nyah!!  It should be "Aku ada kau ada". Bila smpai je dekat counter. Vad? vad? the ticket was sold out. ==".For Men in Black , just left front seat. Oh no man! Mau after keluar wayang, duk terdongak je memasing.lastly,we chose "What to expect when expecting".That was on the spot choice.Seriously, at first we had no idea what this story about.But, the script is quite funny.Tapi aku nak tengok Dark shadow..ade Johnny Depp *melt...

Hamaigadd, before beli ticket tak perasan yang movie untuk above 18..err, aku dah 18 ke? ahh. tak percaya! *ahaks. bajet muda.

Hey U ! thanks for making my day.  


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