Monday, 4 June 2012

 Sila abaikan post merapu bawah ni. 

I'm sorry .Maybe we are not anyone meant  to each other . But Sometimes , I'm still stalking your life. Yes, i admit. I'm acting like an immature person. Just only a few weeks ago, you told me that you don't have any gilfie and you told me you didn't flirt with any girl after i left the school. And now? what i found is not exactly the same with all your words.I don't care if you have a girlfriend or not. thats your life. But why ? why you hide that fact away from me? You didn't said the truth.Luckily, i'm not put any hope on you anymore.Go on with your life.I'm not jealous at all. but i don't know why, i still want to know how your life going on.annoying right ? maybe we used to be close before.yupp, thanks for colouring my past life.Sorry this post doesn't mean anything. I'm just curious why you didn't comment on your pic after i comment it. why? and then I noticed that was my mistakes. That was not your album but your pet sister's album.Ahh. sorry again for stalking your pet sister.From her blog, i know everything.Hey you, please don't hurt that sister.

Aahhh. i dont know why i write this. Suddenly thinking of you.

And now, i hope you will be happy and happy  in your life.Both of us, have our own life now. 

This will be my path. dark and creepy. i need to explore it.

Seriously , you are a good person.hopefully, we will meet again.

Adibah faizah :D

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